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Cycling Stretches

In addition to getting your bike in shape for a ride, don't forget to give your body a tune-up too! Stretching before, during and after your rides will make them much more enjoyable.

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See what Aurora Sports Medicine Institute has to say. Click on image above


KidneyBeanz has expanded their facilities, and whilst Morningside Medi-Clinic is still considered the head quarters of this facility, KidneyBeanz is able to provide their own services to patients. The centre is focused on providing children with kidney disease adequate care and support.

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Want to know more from the KidneyBeanz dietician?

Join the group and start chatting to Lauri Isserow. Just click on the image to get there.

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About Kidney Disease

Children with life-threatening kidney disease often experience great difficulty in living normal lives due to the tremendous impact that their illness has on them and their families. The KidneyBeanz Trust was established to provide the comprehensive support that these unfortunate children need.

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KidneyBeanz - behind the scenes with Greg Minnaar

KidneyBeanz Trust had the honour and privilege of taking pictures, autographs and shooting a commercial with our rider and cycling champion Greg Minnaar at the Gold Island Studio in Midrand. The abundant support shown from the parents, studio, kidneyBeanz and of course our champion was a great success. Take a moment to click on the linked image below to see exclusive shots with the kids and enjoy.


Thank you to Zoom Photography for taking outstanding images at gold Island Studio.

Join the KidneyBeanz medical community

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Sharing valuable research and commentary.

Latest white paper to be published.

Combined paediatric liver-kidney transplantation: Analysis of our experience and literature review.

B Strobele,1 MB ChB, FCS (SA); J Loveland,2,3 MB ChB, FCS (SA), Cert Paed Surg; R Britz,2 MB BCh, DA (SA), FCS (SA); E Gottlich,2 MB BCh, DCH, FCP Paed (SA), Cert Nephrology Paed; A Welthagen;3 J Botha,2 MB BCh, FCS (SA)

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Recognising some Beanz Ambassadors

Over KidneyBeanz five years' existence, much of this success of the trust is thanks to the support of generous corporate entities, and individuals. We've introduced a bi-monthly breakfast where we invite a handful of these special people, give them a healthy breakfast, show them around and acknowledge their meaningful contribution. The first of the Beanz breakfast took place on Wednesday 26 March where we hosted....Click on image below to see more.


Caption: Trust Champion Janice Scheckter presents Joe Do Couta with his Beanz Ambassador certificate.



1. Register and pay for your race entry via the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

2. Accept KidneyBeanz as your charity you will be riding for

3. Pay your R600 donation into the KidneyBeanz account along with your name and surname as a reference.

Cycle Challenge Entry


There are two ways to donate to our wonderful cause that helps so many children affected by kidney disease.

1. Donate directly into our account

ABSA Cheque Account

Acc no: 4070318291

Branch code: 632005

Please let us know a little more about you, by Joining our community.

2. Donate via SMS

Just R20 a month makes a huge difference.


Please note: When making a donation, please ensure that you use your NAME and SURNAME or COMPANY as a reference.

20 Minute High Intensity Indoor Cycling Workout training

maxresdefault.jpgLook at the 94.7 Cycle Challenge page to check out this tough GCN video based on a highly effective cycling training session designed for home workouts with guaranteed 20 minute training tips to help you prepare for a big cycling event to keep those muscles and body fit and ensure that you are ready to ride on the day of the event.



Thank you to Sarens for hosting a great fun run day on 9 March 2014.

In March 2014 we had the fantastic opportunityMilpark gof dY1.jpg of meeting the lovely people who joined the Sarens 5KM Fun Run to show their support to the KidneyBeanz Trust. This was a very successful event which took place on the well-known grounds of Edenvale High school with an outstanding attendence of over 3000 participants.

Join our KidneyBeanz community


Who should join this community? Doctors, Therapists, Pharmaceutical companies, Researchers, Academics, Service
providers, Volunteers, Sponsors, Parents and of course our precious children. This community is about doing a whole lot more with technology as the enabler. Lets make the difference!


Getting Started

Welcome to our community. Please take a little time to create a profile 'for yourself.

As our community continues to grow, you will see conversation around healthcare for kids with life threatening kidney disease, conversation and support for parents, volunteer programmes for school kids looking for community service projects, medical discussions and all sorts of activities that support the trust.

We look forward to seeing you particpate in one or more of the groups or projects.

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